There are certain situations where you'll need to add code to your whole site.

This includes things like:
-- Google Page Level Ads
-- Pinterest verification code
-- Optimizely site code
-- Mail Munch site code
-- Social Sharing Badges

Add To All is a great plugin that allows you to do this easily.

Example (Google Page Level Ads):

  1. Go to Settings > Add To All then select Header Options > Any other HTML.

  2. Paste the Page Level Ad code in the box and save your changes.

  3. You'll also want to clear the cache to make sure you see the changes immediately.

The process is similar for any other code that needs to be added. Just make sure that you are in the correct location - Header, Footer, Content, or Feed.

Make sure to save your changes when you're finished and clear the cache to see your changes immediately.

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