There are many email service providers, both free and paid. Do not go with a free service – many of the paid services are free up until a certain list size.

I personally use MailChimp and highly recommend them for their easy to use interface, how-to video tutorials, and live chat. Plus, they give you a lot more control over how you manage and segment your lists. As your list grows, that becomes very important. You want to be able to move people from one list to another or add them to a new interest group that you just created.

1. Set Up Your MailChimp Account

If you do not have a MailChimp account, Sign Up Here

It's free for up to 2000 subscribers and very reasonable after that. If your list doesn't more than pay for itself, you're doing something wrong.

2. Create A Subscriber List

The next step is to actually configure your list.

3. Create A Subscribe Form

4. Get the code snippet

  1. First, choose the Naked Tab.

  2. Second copy/paste the code snippet, which has the components you need to plugin into the Genesis eNews Extended Plugin.

NOTE: You can only copy ALL of the code. It’s not possible to select just a few words, so I just paste the code into a text editor and copy only what I need from there – the Form Action URL (highlighted in green below).

BlogPress Training: MailChimp Form Action

5. Add the eNews Extended Widget

  1. In your blog dashboard, go to Appearance –> Widgets

  2. Drag the Genesis – eNewsExtended Widget into the Widget area you want it displayed in.

Add Genesis eNews Widget

Fill in the required options

  1. Fill in the Title for your email subscribe form

  2. (optional) Add any text that you want to include above and below the form. I normally tell them why they should subscribe above the form and how to unsubscribe below the form.

  3. Paste the Form Action URL from the snippet you copied in MailChimp. Remember this is only the URL of the form action, NOT all of the code. i.e. – <form action = “only copy this part between the quotes…“> it will look something like;id=29834758724

  4. Enter EMAIL into the E-Mail field and FNAME in the First Name field.

  5. (optional) Change the button text.

  6. Click the Save Button

Genesis eNews Options

Now you have an email list subscription form

Launch Your RSS Campaign

Now that you have a list, and a subscribe form, let’s actually set up the RSS email campaign that will automatically send blog updates to your subscribers.

You will need your blog’s RSS feed address.

We’ve already set this up for you. It will be your blog address with “/feed/ at the end of it. (e.g. –

Don’t forget to subscribe to your own email list so that you can see what your readers are seeing!

NOTE: RSS emails will not go out unless a new post has been published since the last send date. (this one gets me all the time so I thought I would share…)

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