There are 2 ways to disable comments - site-wide and on individual posts.

Disable Comments Site-Wide

To disable comments across your entire site you need to make 2 changes:

Go to Settings->Discussion. On the Discussion Settings page:

  1. Uncheck "Allow people to post comments on new articles". This will prevent new comments.

  2. Set the number of days to "1" day in the section "Automatically close comments on articles older than <X> days." This will hide the comments that have already been published.

Disable Comments On A Single Post

If you only want to disable comments for a single post, you'll need to open the post in edit mode and make sure to be on the visual editor tab.

  1. Open the Screen Options tab at the top right and make sure that the "Discussion" box is checked.

  2. In the "Discussion" section under the text editor, uncheck "Allow comments"

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