A tag is like a keyword for your post. They're one-two word descriptions of what your post is about. Tags will help you organize your posts more easily, and it will allow you to group together similar posts.  

Think of categories as the table of contents for your blog.

If you had a dog blog, you might have the following categories and subcategories.

Dog Breeds
-- German Shepherds
-- Poodles
-- Great Danes

Dog Food
-- Traditional Dog Food
-- Raw Dog Food
-- Home Cooked Dog Food

Dog Training
-- Puppy Training
-- Obedience Training
-- Behavior Problems

Tags would be like the index of your blog...

It might include things like: german shepherd, puppy, training, breed, leashes, poo bags, kibble, poodle - specific words that provide additional explanation of what the post is about.


Post Title: How To Train Your German Shepherd To Walk On A Leash.
Post Category: Dog Training
Tags: German Shepherd, Leash, Heel, Flexi-Leash, Cotton Leash - any specific words that you use in your post that are not broad enough to be the main category.

Try to limit yourself to no more than 5 tags per article - it's easy to go "tag crazy"!

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