To add a video to a post, upload the video to YouTube and paste the URL of the video into your blog post.

Detailed steps:

Upload the video to your YouTube account. If you don't have a YouTube account, it's free and very easy to create. You'll just login with your Google/Gmail account and it'll walk you through the steps.

Note: sharing a video to YouTube should be supported direct from your Android phone, as it is from iPhones as well.

Once the video is live on YouTube, go to the YouTube video in your web browser (on your computer) and copy the URL to it.

Create your post in BlogPress Dashboard, and paste the URL of the video on a line by itself. Nothing else, "embed codes", no linking, nothing else, just the real URL of the video. For example:

That's it - publish your post and you'll see the video automatically appear. We handle all the techie stuff to make that work on the back end. :-)

After you save your post and see the video working, you can edit the post and add text above or below the video, no problem. Just get the video showing first.

NOTE: YouTube videos are not mobile responsive (sigh...). We do have a plugin that can be activated to make all of your videos look great on mobile. Just contact our support team and we'll be happy to activate it for you.

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