Follow the steps below to add a new user to your blog:

  1. From your blog dashboard click on Users > Add New

  2. Enter the username for the new user - this can only be lowercase letters and numbers - no capital letters, special characters, or spaces are allowed.

  3. Enter the new user's email address

  4. Select the role that you want them to have. (For more information on WordPress user roles:

  5. Check the box to skip sending the confirmation email (they don't need this and it may confuse them)

  6. Click the Add New User Button

I recommend that the new user clicks on the Lost Password link under the login form the first time so that they can reset their own password. 

You can, however, manually set the password for them if needed. Here's how...

  1. Click on the user name from the Users listing (Users > All Users)

  2. Scroll waaaayyyy down to the Account Management section.

  3. Either type in or generate a new password.

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