This is the single biggest place where new bloggers get stuck. I strongly recommend that you focus your energy on writing good content first and foremost.

There is more to changing your theme than simply clicking a button. You will need to understand menus and widgets as well as have some published content before changing your theme. We’ll cover ALL of these in future lessons and it’s highly recommended that you wait until you’ve finished the first 2 training modules before attempting to change your blog theme.

Content is FAR more important...

We have customers who have been with us for years and still have not got their site "looking right" so they've done nothing.

Our most successful customers started very simple and focused on content and as their knowledge grew they started adding more features and customizations to their blog. 

Here's what we recommend:

Start with the default theme, add at least 10 posts and 1 static page, set up your categories and menus, and only then consider changing your theme.

Following this approach will save you a lot of frustration. :-)

Why You Should Wait To Change Your Blog Theme

1. The search engines do not care what your blog looks like.

They care about content, so the faster you can publish a lot of good content, the faster your blog will get listed in the search engines. If you spend weeks (or even months as some do) trying to make your blog look perfect, you’ve wasted that valuable time that could have been spent publishing content.

2. Your theme will look much better when there is content on your blog.

It’s really hard to preview a new theme on an empty blog – they all look bad when there’s no content, menus, or navigation.

Many themes offer a customizable home page, but with no content, what do you feature on the home page?

Take the time to set up your categories and publish at least 2-3 posts under each category so that you can see what a blog listing page will actually look like.

Take the time to at least write your About page so that you can see what a static page looks like.

The more content you have on your blog, the easier it will be to preview a new theme and see what it’s really going to look like.

If you absolutely, must change your blog theme now, here are step-by-step instructions for how to do it.

Step-By-Step Instructions – How To Change Your Blog Theme

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