There is a very useful plugin is called Raw HTML Snippets.

This snippet allows you to add things like facebook widgets, google ads, and email subscribe forms to your sidebar or in a post.

You will see the plugin under Settings > Raw HTML Snippets. 

Here's how to do it...

  1. Create a new snippet and paste your ad code there. 

  2. Save the snippet and click the link that says "<<back to main page".

  3. On the main snippet page, copy the shortcode including the brackets (ctl-c) into your buffer. 

You can then paste this shortcode where ever you would normally paste the ad code - and now it won't get mangled! 

Sample 1: In A Widget

Sample 2: In The Content Of A Post

Make sense?

If not, we will be happy to do this for you. Just open a ticket and send us you ad code and where you would like the ad to appear.

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