Email marketing (sending out emails to your subscribers) can be a little tricky.  

Not just to figure out "how to do it effectively", but to comply with Anti-Spam laws in your area.

We recommend MailChimp for sending emails to your blog subscribers, as they are in our experience by far the best mailing list service provider available.  

All email service providers, including MailChimp, are required to abide by the U.S. and other Anti-Spam laws. Part of these requirements is that all outgoing emails to your subscribers must contain a valid mailing address at which you can be reached.

That's why MailChimp requires this information, and that's why it's required by EVERY email provider in the business.

MailChimp explains the legal requirements behind that here:

This mailing address requirement is difficult for individual bloggers as they often don't want to use their actual mailing address. There are some alternatives, such as a P.O. box.

Some alternatives to consider are: 

  • A P.O. Box

  • An office address of some sort that's authorized to receive mail for you

  • A service like Earth Class Mail.

MailChimp recognizes these challenges, and they also provide some helpful tips in the article below. It's aimed at artists as well as bloggers.

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